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We will notify you about the availability of tanning, and any and all other pertinent relevant details related to the information we collect. It is important to know, however, that your personal information is safe at ALL TIMES. This includes the contents of our database which you can view on this website, as well as the websites we partner with. We will store the information you provide or permit to be provided to us exclusively in accordance with our site privacy agreement. When you send an email or make a request to receive new product and service information from our site, we will send the information to your email address. We will not share your personal information with others unless we have your permission. We ask for your support to keep this site up and running, so we are very clear about this policy on our website. If you have.

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CALLING THE TANNING SALON The TANNING SALON does not have receptionists. You must call to schedule an appointment with a TANNING SALON stylist. Before making a purchase, you must first ask for a telephone interview with the stylist, so you can learn about the stylist's qualifications and how it will benefit your skin.  Your questions should be as direct as possible – “can I go in with a natural or color-treated skin tone?”.  If you are an artist, you should provide us proof of your skills. Some artists will give you a written report which they can review prior to your first appointment in order to evaluate whether they would like to start your first color-treated treatment. It is also vital that you are prepared to provide us with all relevant information which will aid us in evaluating your skin type for both natural and color-treated treatment.   The majority of our new.

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These are considered acceptable forms. A form for your clients to sign-off letting them know that you have reviewed any pertinent information in regard to spray tan safety. These are considered acceptable forms. Permission Request Form (for your clients to sign off on your use of spray tan products if you have not yet requested permission from them). A form for your clients to sign-off on your use of spray tan products if you have not yet requested permission from them). Proof of Health Insurance or Health Plan with health coverage. Permission Form For Your Personal Use- Permits Any personal use application for spray tan should include the following information: The exact name of the entity requesting permission. Whether an application fee is being proposed. The name of the authorized representative. Whether permission is needed to carry out your spray tan application. Whether all required permissions have currently been issued for other services you provide. Whether permission will be.

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DOCX (Microsoft Office Document File Format).  These are not suitable for Microsoft e-book users.  Instead use one of the free and open Source file hosting services that I recommend.  I do not know of any file uploading services that host PDF files.